Amigos saving and credit cooperative is committed to providing its members with convenient, affordable, and accessible financial services. Amigos goal is to help its members save money, access credit, and achieve financial independence.

Amigos Savings Accounts

Our customer can open various different types savings accounts, including time deposit accounts, children deposit accounts, voluntary deposit accounts, home deposit account, and other type deposit accounts, all of which offer competitive interest rates.

Amigos Loans

Amigos Sacco provide a range of loan products, including personal loans, business loans, home loans, car loans, education loans and agricultural loans, to help its customers fulfill their financial needs.

Amigos Insurance Services

In addition to the core financial services, Amigos SACCO provides credit life insurance that act us financial security and protection to its members.

Amigos Member Services

Amigos also provide a range of member services, including financial planning, and credit counseling. Meet amigos team of experts to help you achieve your financial needs.